Contingent Workforce Management

U3 has the experience and flexibility to meet your immediate contract staffing needs with speed and efficiency, and without sacrificing standards of excellence – both your company’s and U3’s own. Our team has the expertise to help you manage all of your contingent workforce activity, whether it is confined to a single local concern or spread across multiple regions or multiple countries. We understand and know how to navigate the complexities of international contract staffing, and can work with you every step of the way of a single project, several projects, or on a continuous basis.


What Sets U3 Apart

Solutions that save you time and money

U3 commits to recruitment and staffing that is as efficient and economical as possible. This commitment translates to you saving over 20% on the total cost of maintaining in-house contractor workforces and frees up invaluable time to focus on critical day-to-day operational concerns.

Reduce your time-to-hire

U3’s commitment to efficiency and economy reduces time-to-hire by up to 60%. This means contract staffing is onboard and contributing in less than half the time it would take to staff contingent positions internally.

Mobilization and support services

U3 sees recruiting the best talent quickly as only the first step in our partnership with your business. Once we have found the right people for your project, we become a virtual concierge in overseeing every aspect of mobilization. From arranging applicable visas and work permits to facilitating travel and living accommodations, even streamlining the process of making sure they’re paid in the local currency, U3 assures talent is present and ready to perform as soon as possible.

Guaranteed fulfilment

U3 takes both pride and full accountability in every contractor we engage in order to meet your needs. We see to all key areas and the details the underpin these concerns. Our talent will be ready to work and will meet compliance standards applicable to country and region, including visas, taxes, and insurance issues.