Creating engaging, adaptive and universally accessible digital commerce tools to increase efficiency and foster enthusiastic customer loyalty

U3 cooperates with you to transform your business by leveraging digital technologies and helping you to effectively utilize data for a richer customer experience, a more efficient workforce and faster time-to-market.

Digital Commerce

U3 solutions enables you to translate your digital commerce transformation into increased agility in response to market shits, as well as optimizing your ability to deliver new products and services across channels.

We offer a full range of services:

Strategy and Experience Design Services

  • Customized architecture for your omni-channel commerce platform
  • Recommendations for platforms that fit your current and future IT environment
  • Critical data points for every client

Implementation Services

  • Enriched channels with full service capabilities and a consistent brand expression
  • Compelling content and tailored user experiences
  • E-commerce storefronts and upgrades or best-of-breed platforms
  • Integrated best-of-breed third-party search, web and user analytics applications

Maintenance and Operation Services

  • Business continuity during system upgrades or migrations
  • New on-boarded product lines, new storefronts and fulfillment centers
  • E-commerce platforms and third-party application management

Digital Marketing

U3’s digital marketing services help you strategize, implement, run and maintain successful omni-channel, multi-lingual marketing solutions.

We offer a full range of services:

Strategy and Experience Design Services

  • Customized digital strategy and assessment for your digital marketing maturity
  • Roadmap and architecture based on your business priorities

Implementation Services

  • Mobile and social media applications that entice consumers and enrich the user experience
  • Content migration projects using proven methodologies and industry best practices

Maintenance and Operation Services

  • Activities monitored at global and regional levels
  • Applications and systems maintained at high performance levels

Enterprise Mobility

U3 integrates business processes to deliver engaging, easy-to-access mobile solutions. Our designs are device and technology independent, so your users can stay connected virtually anywhere. In addition, our mobility services SMEs tailor and maintain a mobile enterprise presence that drives your organization’s growth.

We offer a full range of services:

Strategy Services

  • Define mobility roadmap and identify key success factors for higher user adoption
  • Determine the best technology platforms, architectures and components for your present and future business needs

Application Design and Migration Services

  • Design, develop, deliver and maintain enticing, feature-rich user applications
  • Migrate existing applications to new platforms and integrate mobile solutions with pre-existing applications
  • Reduce errors with automation tools, verification methods and data integrity checks
  • Accelerate time to market and cross-platform development without sacrificing quality control or brand standards

Infrastructure Management Services

  • Host, remotely monitor and assure security compliance
  • Manage user access and handle data backup, archival and reporting tasks

User Experience Design

U3 helps you deliver consistent user experience across every device your customers use to connect. We work diligently to understand your audience and develop a unified, friendly design with an easy-to-use interface with cross-platform consistency.

1)    Cross Channel User Experience Design

Our team of seasoned engineers incorporates context and human factors in end-user design. Consumer lifestyle factors and touch points are carefully considered in the seamless connected experience.

2)    Unified Enterprise Experience Design

Enterprise design ensures interoperability. U3’s proven approach systematically integrates user roles, business transactions and processes to create a coherent, collaborative experience across applications.

3)    Mobility Experience Design

Our designers create compelling, interactive experiences for consumer and business applications, mobile sites and more. They carefully consider application needs and context when developing features and content to ensure a seamless user-centric experience.

4)    Data Visualization

U3’s team works to understand your end-user information needs, priorities, access frequency, structure and hierarchy models. We then combine that knowledge with solid data visualization and information design principles to create interactive displays that bring clarity and precision to business processes and decision-making.

Portals and Collaboration

U3 portals and collaboration services bring thought leadership and engineering expertise to next-generation digital and social collaboration design.

We offer a full range of services:

Strategy and Consulting Services

  • Portal and collaboration strategies defined with platform lifecycle
  • Portal platforms, solutions and applications evaluated

Technology Architecture and Design Services

  • Comprehensive platform, solutions and technical architecture services
  • Intuitive and seamless portal user experiences

Development Services

  • Reusable frameworks and solutions
  • Custom workflow and business process applications

Support and Maintenance Services

  • L1, L2 and L3 support
  • Portal infrastructure, platform and solution components
  • Portal designs

Migration Services

  • Legacy portal platforms migrated to next-generation platforms
  • Platform options evaluated
  • Portal platform components and data migrated
  • New platform and services tested