Health Care Industry

Fostering healthcare services that are both patient-friendly and cost-reductive

U3’s Healthcare Practice is a leading technology catalyst for the 3Ps (Provider, Payer and Pharma) of the healthcare industry. We accelerate healthcare’s IT roadmap and help our clients achieve the delicate balance between providing better patient care and maximizing their IT investments.

We Offer:

  1. The building of next-generation Health IT applications and products, directly onto leading cloud, big data, social and mobile platforms
  2. Solutions that center on the quality of patient experience, all based on leading platforms
  3. The organization of building partners and patient communities
  4. Tools and support necessary for the adoption of Health IT data and integration platforms serving ACO, providers, payers, healthcare ISVs and translational research institutions
  5. Standards-based integration (Hl7, CCD, etc.,) and professional services
  6. Data analytics and Hadoop services for clinical quality reporting and population health management
  7. Construction of mHealth and mobile application ecosystems as well as certified apps with app store processes

Our Healthcare Practice:


Accountable Care

Meaningful use certification, e-prescription, online consultations, patient portals, prescription use analytics, gaps-in-care analysis

EMR, Hospital & Pharmacy Management

Patient scheduling, procedure management, patient matching across EMPI, medication management, operative room utilization analytics


Hl7, CCD,CCR, C-CDA, X12 standards based integration using tools

mHealth & Gamification

Employee wellness, game-based learning and assessments, trackers, mobile engagement analytics

Medical Devices & Diagnostic

Imaging endoscopy imaging solutions, user interfaces, mobile access

Patient Concierge/ Connect

Physician referral management, Patient in-take, Qualification, Care Coordination, Patient & Partner Portals, After Care Management, Population Health

Payer & Revenue Cycle Management

Claims management, reimbursement calculation engines, remittance denial management, contract management, patient billing processing, grouper analysis

Genomics, Clinical & Translational Research

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data processing and analysis for clinical diagnostics, biobanking data repository for personalized medicine