Contract Development Lab

Simplify the process of ensuring your products are market-ready and exude the standards of your brand.

When you have a fresh product or solution idea but lack a large project budget, a ready-made infrastructure or systems for development, U3 Product Incubation Services is a perfect choice for your organization. Our incubation services offerings include a dedicated and skilled resource team, office space infrastructure, as well as development and staging servers with all the development tools in addition to HR and administration support.


Our incubation services have proven to be extremely useful for bringing products and services to the market economically while holding true to the highest standards of quality.

In this model, we provide Program Management, Architecture and Technology Strategy, Design and Development, Quality Assurance, Deployment, Product Evolution and complete product support spanning to multiple levels.

We will be doing all these by a setting up a team exclusively for you along with our senior Technology/Operational Specialists.

Finally, consistent with upfront plans and periodic status checks, clients can exercise the option to take over the team in a planned fashion.


Incubation offers attractive business benefits over the traditional offshore subsidiary path, including:

  • Rapid scaling of operations
  • Wider service offerings, quickly filling business model gaps
  • Lower infrastructure set-up costs
  • Reduced time to operations through utilization of knowledgeable 3rd party management resources responsible for:
    • Real Estate
    • Government rules and regulations
    • Cultural transition
    • IT infrastructure
    • Security
  • Knowledge retention
  • IPR protection – each team member enters into 1:1 direct NDA with you as well.
  • Continuously increasing effectiveness as the team learns and improves.
  • A singular focus on your needs and goals, beyond the dictates of a SLA.
  • Attuned relationship building between your managers, coaches and leads and the team leads and members.
  • The dedicated team is an asset already performing at a high level when the Option to transfer them is exercised.
  • You fully partake in the selection process for this team, ensuring you have the right mix of skills working in your team in India.