Recruiting top talent for your business

U3’s team of experienced consultants will design talent management solutions that address the distinct needs and opportunities of your business.

blog-2The soul of any great organization is its people. At U3, we fully understand that landing and keeping top talent is key to maintaining success and to moving your business into the future. We also acknowledge that finding and keeping quality talent can be susceptible to a dynamic and unpredictable marketplace.

U3 makes use of every applicable tool and resource to find the best talent available for your business. This doesn’t simply mean matching a CV with a job description. U3 takes pride in providing tailor-made, effective, and flexible talent solutions that reflect and augment your company’s values and culture. Our processes and methods are always cooperative and transparent, and we see each project through beyond successful fulfilment.

Solutions that cater precisely to your needs

We offer a broad range of inclusive solutions designed to make your business better. Whether your immediate goals involve optimizing operations, refocusing market strategies, or locating new revenue opportunities, U3 has the experience, insight, and dedication to create solutions specific to your company and to execute them with control and total confidence in their ultimate effectiveness.

Retained Search

As one of premier retained search firms in Singapore, we provide our clients with speed, quality and guaranteed performance outcomes. Our performance-based pricing structure ensures that you get what you pay for and a whole lot more.

Business intelligence is a critical component of successful retained searches. To ensure that the candidate you hire will ultimately drive business success for your company, our retained search experts invest up front in comprehensive research. We proceed in a highly efficient and consultative fashion to find the perfect match between your needs and the capabilities of the candidates, our retained executive search team is able to quickly deliver the most qualified candidates for your consideration.

Contingency Search

For more than 12 years, U3’s contingency recruiting has helped companies build the teams they need to compete nationally and internationally. We provide trusted, consultative service to each and every client by truly listening and responding to your needs. We are a seamless, accessible and complementary contingency recruiter, and our success is measured by yours.

U3’s search methodology separates us from others in the contingency recruiting space and ensures that you receive the focused insight and dedicated commitment to hiring success that you and your business deserve. We identify and evaluate prospective candidates who meet your precise hiring criteria. We thoroughly vet and pre-qualify every candidate for your consideration. We present top candidates to you through comprehensive profiles, and we arrange interviews for each candidate you select.