Contract Recruitment

Selecting project-ideal talent for timely coverage

U3 can successfully meet your company’s sudden, short-term or single-project needs with intelligent anticipation and effective rapid response. Our team understands the distinctive needs of your project or specific goals and supplies top-end contract talent while keeping costs to a minimum; we meet recruitment demands with an accurate eye for quality performance as well as budgetary efficiency.

Benefits to Clients

Supplemental Resources

U3 can devote resources that many human resource departments do not have to filling crucial gaps in recruiting. Our team also has the experience and skill to recruit ideal employees for specific positions from a top-tier talent pool, no matter how large your company’s needs might be. When hiring needs outpace recruiting capacity, U3 RPO can make sense for your company.


U3 has the capability to spend attention and care recruiting and on-boarding quality talent for your non-critical positions so you can focus on your key positions and senior staff. Strategic outsourcing for specific needs allows your company to keep its attention and resources where they are needed most.

Diverse candidates

U3 can calibrate its recruitment methods to meet virtually any of your business needs, including diversity and specialization. Efficiency typically demands searching just long enough to discover the most qualified candidate for a particular job opening. Recruiting diverse groups of candidates across multiple positions can be difficult for many internal HR departments to do. We can help you fill company roles with high-end talent while simultaneously meeting diversity objectives.

Low Risk

U3 offers RPO with an in-house HR feel but without the limitations of keeping an internal department. Our team provides superlative recruitment services with no infrastructure costs, no space constraints, and far less expenditures in time and money on training.

What Sets U3 Apart?

Access to industry-best practices

U3 not only provides committed consulting and RPO services, but access to real-time metric-based performance management. With measurements such as time-to-fill, cost-per-hire and quality-of-hire, you can monitor and manage the success of our partnership and fine tune to achieve optimal results.

Flexible and agile attention to your hiring Needs

U3 works with you to tailor RPO solutions best suited to your organization’s specific needs. Our partnership will be attuned to your company’s vision and culture and will utilize every available tool to supply the talent that meets your needs and that will result in the realization of your goals.

Proven infrastructure for talent management

U3 is exhaustive in its efforts to stay abreast of the ever-changing needs of this industry. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants work tirelessly to provide up-to-date certifications in training, vocabulary, culture, accent, and any other area that might improve recruiting and your company’s overall satisfaction and success.

Dedicated Recruiters

U3 will always strive to act as a vital extension of your existing team. We are dedicated to understanding your vision, your project requirements, and your process to provide results specifically attuned to your needs. Our team does not rest until your project is completed successfully, and are ready to provide ongoing consultation and support even after goals have been met.