Banking and Financial Industries


U3 provides the winning edge to Banking & Financial Service (BFS) organizations through end-to-end IT solutions. We leverage our application transformation capabilities and extensive techno-functional expertise to enable our clients extract fuller value from IT spend. We have a pool of domain & technology experts focusing on offering optimum banking and capital market solutions.

U3 has an active relationship with several banking and financial service organizations. We work with some of the largest banks and financial institutions spread across the Asia Pacific regions.

Capital Markets & Investment Banking

We help investment banks take a strategic approach towards their pre-trade, trade and post-trade processes.

Our proven experience in capital markets encompasses all areas including:

  • Trade order management
  • Prime brokerage services
  • Risk management
  • Clearing & settlement
  • Custody operations
  • Reconciliations
  • Reference data management
  • Trade profit & loss reporting
  • Messaging

Wealth Management

U3 has proven expertise that spans across various asset classes including equities, fixed income, derivatives, structured products, capital guaranteed notes, currencies, alternative and non-correlated investments, commodities, precious metals, real estate and artefacts.

Our experience in Wealth Management covers functional areas such as:

  • Advisory services
  • Client servicing
  • Research & analytics
  • Portfolio management
  • Private banking
  • Risk management
  • Investment & fund accounting
  • Performance measurements
  • Compliance & reporting

Securities Services

U3 provides scalable, flexible solutions and services that enable customers across the financial services sector to improve regulatory compliance, initiate industry-wide proposals to support growth, increase operational efficiencies and minimize downtime while protecting information.

Our experience and expertise in securities services encompasses areas like:

  • Fund accounting and admin
  • Global custody
  • Reconciliations
  • Prime brokerage
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Compliance & performance

Retail Banking

U3 provides world class services to leading global banks and other retail banking clients. Our team of consultants comprises of ex-bankers with extensive experience in the banking industry.

Our experience of offering solutions to clients in the retail banking sector spans across the following areas:

  • Core banking solution (cash management, payments, etc.)
  • CRM solutions
  • Enterprise data management solutions
  • Enterprise & platform mobility
  • Channels integration (IVR, mobile, internet, ATM, etc.)
  • Mobile banking
  • Interface development of ATM, Internet, phone banking & other third party applications
  • Retail lending
  • Messaging: SWIFT, NACHA
  • Payments and cards
  • Security and fraud control

Corporate Banking

U3 enables global banks to deliver best-in-class services in commercial lending, treasury, cash management, trade finance, messaging and payment solutions.

Our experience in corporate banking encompasses an array of areas including:

  • Trade Finance
  • Cash management
  • Receivable financing
  • Commercial leasing
  • Lending solution
  • Treasury management
  • Regulatory compliance

Payments and Cards

U3 provides banks & financial institutions a technology platform that reduces cost & improves flexibility through the merging of various payment and card systems developed over time.

U3 offer solutions which not only enable banks to react quickly to changing market conditions, but also absorb new processes much more efficiently in compliance with the ever changing regulatory environment.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients in the payments sector including:

  • Payment channels: payment gateways, internet, mobile, ATM, cardless ATM transactions, near field communication, etc.
  • Messaging & integration: SWIFT & NACHA
  • Expertise in clearing and settlement like Target 2, Step 2 & Euro1
  • SEPA solution set: Includes SEPA assessment framework, SEPA implementation & SEPA testing toolkit, etc.