Logistics & Transportation

Optimize efficiency and assure customer satisfaction through intelligent and cutting-edge IT

U3 bolsters logistics and transportation companies to overcome the complex challenges of effective collaboration, efficiency and consistent customer satisfaction. From distribution channels to customer management and sales, U3 enables informed and intuitive decision-making to improve process efficiency and customer centricity.


Let U3 help you transform your logistics businesses and by moving your IT Systems to a new generation, multi-tiered API-based architecture with a responsive Web UI. Our SMEs work with you throughout legacy digitization initiatives that deliver personalized information to your customers, thus enhancing their overall interaction experience.

We collaborate with leading logistics companies to deliver efficient IT solutions to the following lines of business (LoBs):

  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory management
  • Finance and revenue management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Distribution, marketing and sales
  • 3PL and 4PL
  • Freight, cargo, and transportation management
  • Enterprise services