Big Data and Analytics

Transform hard numbers into effective tools for success

Over the past several years, U3 has enabled organizations to conceptualize and drive intelligent big data programs across multiple domains and focus areas. These projects have helped them meet the twin objectives of maximizing revenue and increasing operational efficiency.


U3 strengthens your organization on two fronts: on the one hand, translating smart customer insights into new revenue streams through practices like cross selling and upselling; on the other, plugging revenue leakages and detecting fraud to drive profitability.

U3 consultants work intimately with your organization to frame and solve business problems, and to pursue business opportunities through an intelligent data-centric approach:

  1. Analyzing big data to produce information solutions for your organization’s unique challenges
  2. Incorporating design aspects that account for the capture and cleaning of data
  3. Interpreting numbers to produce actionable, real-world strategies for market success
  4. Communicating with clarity insights and recommendations to your various partners in IT and business that will result in innovative solutions to business products and services.