Cloud Computing

Simplifying cloud technology to help transform your business IT

U3 not only works to bring your company into a new age of cloud computing services, methods and tools, but helps you fully understand your cloud readiness. Our interests are always informed by what is best for your company, so our expert consultants work in cooperation with you to asses feasibility of migrating applications onto the cloud platform. From there, we discuss workable options and develop a strategy that conforms with your philosophy and budget


Our engineers then work on platform specific modifications, cost-optimized vetting of vendors and SaaS alternatives and the details of successful set-up, migration, comprehensive orchestration and continued managed services moving forward.

In the end, our partnership will bring you all the benefits of harmonising technology, along with the cost-effectiveness and intelligent support of an experienced and invested partner.

Cloud Consulting and Assessment Services

This service offering focuses on assessment of the IT portfolio. It involves feasibility study for migrating applications onto the cloud platform. The team utilizes different proprietary frameworks & tools to analyse the business & technology drivers for transition to cloud.

  • Assessment of IT portfolio
  • Business case development
  • Cloud migration roadmap
  • Develop cost-effective SLA strategies
  • Creation of enterprise strategy for backup, security, vulnerability management and data protection

Set-up & Migration to Cloud Infrastructure

Leverage private/public infrastructure for redeployment of applications/packages in as-is fashion

  • Platform specific modifications
  • Building the image and moving it to the target platform
  • Monitoring and management of SLA, metering including auto-load balancing
  • Leverage common enterprise services such as single sign on

Set-up & Migration to Cloud Platform

  • Analyze customer requirements & recommend cloud platform
  • Work with cloud vendor to deploy private/ public cloud platform
  • Deploy sub-systems e.g. operating system, database, middleware, firewall, etc.

Set-up of Cloud Mediation Platform

This service offering provides a mediation platform that abstracts the underlying vendor specific technologies & standards. This platform provides a standard, seamless & simple views, processes & services to interact with various subscribed cloud providers

  • Standard catalogue for enterprise subscribed cloudbased services
  • Analyze cloud providers against defined SLAs
  • Process and view billing information across cloud providers
  • Define chargeback mechanism
  • Leverage standard enterprise services such as authentication, single sign-on and security from cloud service providers
  • Orchestrate information across cloud service providers

Software as a Service (SaaS) Enablement

  • Re-architecting legacy applications to SaaS platforms
  • Enabling SaaS features like multi-tenancy, elasticity, on-demand availability and metering
  • Development of new SaaS applications using leading PaaS
  • Manage SaaS portfolio through single sign on web interface

SaaS Package Implementation

Implementation and integration of specific SaaS packages to provide new business functionalities

  • Business process modeling for identification of integration points and orchestration process with on- premise applications and SaaS package
  • Data migration
  • Customization
  • Prototyping

Cloud-based Integration & Orchestration Services

Cloud-based integration services integrates on-premise applications with cloud application as well as integration among different applications hosted on cloud.

  • Integration of on-premise applications with external enterprises through a cloud-based “hub”
  • Integration of on-premise applications with cloud-based packages

Continuous Managed Services

Maintain cloud mediation platform including billing, metering, SLA monitoring, etc.

  • Perform trend analysis to understand usage patterns
  • Implement advanced monitoring toolset
  • Maintain security of applications