About U3

Leading. Dependable. Valued.

U3 specializes in the discovery of untapped strengths and the harnessing of opportunities.
Through seamless integration of effective strategies and technologies, our team helps carve out your company’s path to new horizons of progress and growth.

Who We Are

As a business consulting and talent management organisation, U3 is unique. We utilize extensive technological and industry expertise to help companies truly optimize the way they operate, creating situations that foster sustainable growth and increased profitability.

Our Mission
Our Values
Our Strength
Our Approach

Our Mission

It is our continuous mission to be the premier Business Consulting and Talent Management Consultancy firm.

Our strength will always be rooted in our commitment to our clients, to bettering our industry, to our employees, and to ourselves.

To Our Clients:

U3 is committed to providing high quality services while fostering an enjoyable and productive working environment. We anticipate our clients’ needs and respond with focus and persistence in seeing these needs fulfilled. Fairness, honesty, courtesy, and professionalism are U3’s most cherished standards, and are observed in all or our business dealings.

To Our Industry:

U3 aspires to set the standards of our industry, to be consistently recognized as an innovator and a trendsetter. We are devoted to maintaining a cooperative voice and an active presence within industry organizations and associations.

To Our Employees:

At U3, we seek to both challenge our employees and reward them for meeting the challenges that beset them. While our commitment will always be to hire the best and most talented managers and staff, our true goal is to foster a workplace that is personally and professionally enriching.

Our Values

The values at the core of U3 are manifested in everything we do, from the products and services we deliver to how we enliven our relationships with our clients, employees, and communities.


In working with our clients, we believe in the true nature of service. Our commitment is not only to fulfilling our clients’ stated needs, but in working to strengthen our clients’ capabilities and set the stage for sustained increase in their business and profitability.


Our goal is loyal, long-term relationships, and we would never sacrifice these for the sake of any short-term gain. The U3 team believes in clarity in communication and tireless, rigorous fulfillment of each of our clients’ project objectives


We work to understand our clients’ needs and to even anticipate them before they arise. It is our aim to make it easy and enjoyable for our clients to do business with us, and to always strive to surpass expectations.


As the saying goes, our personal and professional time is the most precious resource we have. In keeping with this, we always show that we value one another’s time, whether that means observing the little things like punctuality, or going above and beyond to ensure that our clients’ deadlines are met.


Though the U3 team might work together as a cohesive whole, every individual matters. And just as every team member is respected for their personal and unique contributions, so is every client given the utmost consideration, professional regard, and personal respect.

Our Strengths


U3 consultants are chosen for their aptitude at producing efficient and effective results. Individual experience across a wide spectrum of industries allows us to approach any project with immediate adeptness, and to stay focused on the details without losing sight of the big picture.


Every project is unique, and so requires flexibility to see it through. But sometimes innovation is as simple as knowing the common sense way of doing things. At U3, we take effective problem solving seriously, and our expert team is always seeking solutions that engender the best results for our clients.

If it means delivery success, we won’t hesitate to challenge existing industry practices or discard outmoded methods, and our clients appreciate our “fresh, pragmatic view.”


We take the utmost pride in aligning our notion of success with that of our clients: we have a genuine desire to see our clients’ projects, and ultimately their businesses, succeed.

Domain Knowledge

We take it as a point of pride that we have intimate working knowledge of our clients’ business, and that our approach in every project treats that business as the unique, living entity that it is. Couple this approach with our team’s substantial experience across multiple industries, and our clients can take comfort that a U3 solution will be both knowledgeable and practical.


The U3 team is people with people who love a challenge and are committed to solving problems quickly, effectively, and with an eye for optimal results. More than this, our team exudes the dedication, respect, and professionalism necessary for sustained success.

Our Approach

At U3, we don’t believe in “off-the-shelf” solutions. Every business is unique, and we work to create solutions tailor-made to accentuate each client’s particular strengths. Our formula for success makes room for the client’s distinct voice, and makes certain that our effective delivery framework reflects the vision and culture of each client’s business.

We believe success in a project hinges on trust, and trust is best achieved through clear and honest communication and coordinated action. Using the best technology to create this trusting workspace, U3 provides true end-to-end solutions that fully meet our clients’ objectives while always leaving the client in control of the project.

These methods have garnered loyal and continuously satisfied clients who know a U3 project will result in the successful realization of their project objectives. Our ability to deliver projects, and our clients’ testimony to this ability, solidifies our reputation for world-class technical skill and project management.