Project Management Services


Using data to minimize risks and create genuine paths to success

Assessing risks versus rewards is essential to the implementation of a new project. Without the proper mindset and method, however, such assessments amount to little more than guesswork and often leave companies who are desperate for innovation spinning their wheels.

Devoted and dependable support from expert consultants

U3 will collaborate with you to determine what solutions are best suited for your next project. Whether we provide intelligent and predictive coaching and support for your in-house team or U3 manages a project for you directly, our team is committed to producing your desired results while using tech and analysis to effectively anticipate and solve typical challenges, such as cost and schedule overruns and resource constraints.

Your business success shouldn’t be based on guesswork or imitation. U3 provides services that cater to your company’s individual voice and culture, that accentuate your company’s strengths, and that execute using methods and metrics that best assure your project’s total success.

Project, Program and Portfolio Management Consulting

Building your team with project, program and portfolio management consulting services

We can provide experienced project managers to head a project of any size. They’ll work with your team, directing the project and transferring vital management skills to your future leaders. We can operate entirely on-site or as a blend of on-site and remote management. And we can scale this to head your larger programs or even manage your entire portfolio.

Engagement Services

The power to transform your business lies within you; let U3 help you unlock it

Let U3 under your hood, so to speak. Applying knowledge gained from direct experience in multiple industries, our consultants can analyise the way your business operates – from local concerns such as internal communication and delegation, to global concerns such as your company’s organizational framework – to locate the heart of your strengths and address opportunities for efficiency and growth.

Revelations for reinvention

A unique perspective can be the trigger for inspiration and innovation. The U3 team has the experience, understanding, and successful track record to provide perspectives that make an invaluable difference in determining how your business best achieves both its short- and long-term goals.

Change Management Solutions

The power to change, the experience to guide it effectively

Often, adaptation is required to stay current and relevant in an industry. But change, especially large-scale change, brings with it any number of critical risks.

U3 is practiced and extremely well suited to help engineer and implement large-scale programs key to your business’s continuing success. Whether the change is the integration of new software systems or the transformation of your company’s business methods or corporate philosophy, U3 has the tools and know-how to ensure a fluid transition.

Project Management Support Services (PMSS)

Augment your capabilities with committed support and intuitive analytics

In a perfect world, each project would have specialized personnel overseeing every aspect, ensuring both efficiency and adherence to standards. But we live in a world where economic and industry changes conspire with market fluctuations, usually forcing us to either do more with less or work with best that we can afford on a limited budget.

At U3, we assist your company to make sure precious time and resources are allocated in the best ways possible. Whether this involves implementing or refining company practices, training project staff, coaching project and program managers, or effectively filling critical resource gaps, U3 has the insightful and adaptive team to meet your specific needs.

U3 has proven capabilities to plan, implement, operate, analyse, and improve projects, either from inception to completion, or on the fly if your own project runs into trouble. Our team supports yours in order to optimise performance and foster adherence to established industry standards.